Scarborough, Maine — Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and Dentists in Cumberland County

Population per Care Provider
Ratio of people per care provider. Source: County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Compared to State and National
Providers Maine United States
Doctors 1,139.0 -484 2,555.0 -1900
Dentists 2,666.0 -1346 3,547.0 -2227

Hospitals Near Scarborough, Maine

Nearest Hospitals by Distance
# Hospital Distance
1.Spring Harbor Hospital5.3 mi.
2.Maine Medical Center5.7 mi.
3.State Street Hospital (historical)5.7 mi.
4.Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary (historical)5.8 mi.
5.Mercy Hospital5.8 mi.
6.Bridgton Medical Center6.2 mi.
7.New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland6.3 mi.
8.Osteopathic Hospital of Maine6.9 mi.
9.Mercy Westbrook Hospital7.8 mi.
10.Saint Andres Hospital8.4 mi.
Hospital Locations