Oak Creek, Colorado — Tornados

Tornados Near Oak Creek, Colorado

A list of all F1 or larger tornados that touched down near Oak Creek, Colorado over the last 75 years. Data courtesy of NOAA Severe Weather Database.

Nearest Tornados by Distance
# Tornado Distance
1.1980-5-30 - F1 Tornado25 mi.
2.1984-6-8 - F1 Tornado33.7 mi.
3.1974-5-10 - F1 Tornado41.6 mi.
4.1974-4-6 - F1 Tornado42.4 mi.
5.2004-8-26 - F1 Tornado44.7 mi.
6.1974-8-9 - F1 Tornado64.9 mi.
Tornado Locations